What is Maninga?

Maninga is about growing change in Mozambique from the bottom up.

Maninga is intent on working alongside Mozambicans to support sustainable change and aid poverty reduction through education, refuge and community development.

Maninga recognises that development works best when organisations with shared values and aligned with the country’s priorities and needs, work together.

Maninga is a small UK registered charity that thrives simply because a group of individuals in the UK realise that they are hugely blessed and therefore they give of themselves, their time and their skills voluntarily. This means that over 99% of all donations goes direct to local community-based initiatives in Mozambique.

Where have we come from?

Over the last exciting 17 years, Maninga has been busy working in partnership with a community in central Mozambique, to establish 2 primary schools, foster homes and a wide range of educational opportunities, training & community development initiatives for vulnerable children and adults. You can read more about these projects on our archived site.

Our time of working with this amazing community has come to a close so now we are reaching out further…

Where are we going?

Maninga wants to do more. We want to use our skills efficiently to grow even more change in Mozambique. And we want to give wisely and be savvy in our approach to development.

So we are now widening our base of projects that we are working closely with. We are collaborating with Mozambican projects, organisations and communities that are 'well-thought-through', home-grown and sustainable that foster local empowerment. We want to enable & support these initiatives who are already busy 'doing'.

Maninga.org will become a hub of these small, evaluated, high-impact projects that you can identify with, see exactly where the support is going to, receive updates on and become involved with. Maninga is keen to galvanise a fresh community of doers and givers to be involved in rippling change in Mozambique.

We would love you to join us. Please subscribe to our mailing list and we'll let you know more as it happens: